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Graphic Designer & Video editor, MIRSK

Graphics, Video

FireShot Screen Capture #002 - 'Solution

MIRSK is a Danish IT company based in Copenhagen, the market leader in speech technology (digital dictation and speech recognition.)


At MIRSK I was employed as in-house graphic designer and video editor to work together with the art director and graphic designers to make their new corporate website and printed marketing materials.

MIRSK Commercial Video

Storyboard (in collaboration with art director), Video editing, Graphics

MIRSK wanted a marketing video for their website focusing on their slogan: "Time is valuable, make the most of it" (Meaning that their speech technology creates a more efficient workflow and frees up time.)


The main challenge was that MIRSK's new products had not been launched yet so together with the art director we produced this video without showing the actual products and instead presented the broader meaning of the slogan.

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