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Web shop for Realfiction

Web design, Graphics, Video, Maintenance

Realfiction is the leading manufacturer of mixed reality solutions for retail, education, events and brand activations. Their main product is the Dreamoc holographic display.

As their in-house multimedia designer, Realfiction asked me to build a web shop that enabled buyers to instantly order a 'Dreamoc demo package' without having to contact the sales department. 

I was responsible for this project from A to Z: I designed the web shop and communicated with the outsourced developer (Magento) and afterwards I did maintenance such as producing photos and videos to showcase new products.

The resulting web shop enables customers to order Dreamoc displays, Dreamoc accessories and animation content for Dreamoc displays. The animation content is either ready-made 'plug-and-play' or template-based customized animations with the customer's own logo, video or brand pictures.

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