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Corporate website for Realfiction

Graphics, Video, Maintenance

Hologram content marketplace   Sell your

Realfiction manufactures mixed reality solutions for retail, education, events and brand activations.

Realfiction needed a website (in Hubspot) to present their products, services and give technical support. As their in-house multimedia designer my job was to create web graphics, photos and videos in collaboration with the marketing agency that developed the site. I maintained the site by adding new pages for product launches, case studies etc. I also produced user manuals and tutorial videos.


(The website has later been changed (during my maternity leave) but this page presents the work that I was responsible for.)

Testimonial video

Storyboard, Interview, Video editing

Camera: Peter Simonsen

Realfiction's most popular holographic display Dreamoc HD3 had a new feature called "Lightcontrol". We wanted to present this effect without getting into technical details and asked Seenspire, award-winning content creators from Antwerp, to create a short animation that demonstrated it and share their thoughts in this testimonial video.

Dreamoc Play App Demonstration Video

Storyboard, Video editing, Graphic design

Camera: Peter Simonsen

Dreamoc Play App is an application for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

This video is a short demonstration on using the Dreamoc Play App on iPad with the Dreamoc HD3 holographic display, published on Realfiction´s website and social media channels. 

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